Sabamadeira is an enterprise with profound family roots whose activity is related to the production of auxiliary furniture and other wooden items. Our experience is reflected in each product, always with the aim of meeting our customer’s needs, whose relationship is based on trust. We directly export to several countries, adequately packaging our products guaranteeing that these arrive in perfect condition. We are a solid enterprise that excels for quality and professionalism, looking continuously for market adaptation and, subsequently, growing and evolving. Therefore, in each phase, we establish new goals and challenges for ourselves which can be resumed to three essential pillars: design, quality and sustainability.





Sabamadeira was founded in a little village, surrounded by nature, called Barroselas, in the outskirts of Viana do Castelo. This fact always raised strong concern about the environment and a close relationship with the community. It is our intention to contribute towards the sustainable development of the region’s industry. Therefore, we aspire in developing the local economy through the creation of jobs and the use of regional origin raw materials, preferably. We work with organic and biodegradable materials, and in so doing all the waste goes for recycling.


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